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Envirosolve Ltd is very proud to be working closely together with the company OekoSolve from Plons, Switzerland. OekoSolve is an entrepreneurial company developing and manufacturing electrostatic precipitators for domestic burners and industrial boilers (up to 3 MW) using wood logs, wood chips, pellets and coal. The young and dynamic team of OekoSolve grew from a start-up company back in 2008 to now a well-known world-wide company in the electrostatic precipitator field.

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Emission technology

The name SCHRAEDER stands for modern exhaust technology, emission reduction and energy efficiency. We provide cutting-edge technology for practical solutions for the future.

The company OekoSolve from Switzerland is specialized in micro-dust filter (electrostatic precipitator-ESP) and heat recovery systems. EnviroSolve offers these sophisticated technologies in New Zealand and Australia.

Electrostatic precipitators

Oekotube in New Zealand

OekoTube and the OekoTube Inside can be retro-fitted on any chimney in New Zealand and reduces the emissions dramatically.

Product range:

OekoTube: Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) mounted on top of chimney up to 50 kW (retro-fits).

OekoTube Inside: The filter is approved up to 100 kW and is installed in the boiler room or into a  flue inside a house.

OekoRona: The electrostatic precipitator with fully automatic dry-cleaning systems up to 500 kW Boilers.

OekoRona M: The electrostatic precipitator with a modular design with fully automatic dry-cleaning system up to 3 MW boilers.

Neviro: An efficient electrostatic precipitator with and integrated fuel dryer for wet wood chips


You will find our boiler product range here soon. For any questions contact us.