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Bionic Fire STUDIO is the linear design descendant of the original Bionic Fire. It offers a persuasive combination of clear, self-aware lines as well as the full benefits of the uniquely intelligent automatic combustion control system with which the bionic fire sets new ecological standards. Bionic Fire STUDIO is made for design-aware people who would rather leave clean fires to technology. Also available as the Bionic Fire - a smoother version without side benches.

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Data sheet

Height Of Stove: 1380 mm
Stove Width (floor plate/top plate): 410/1013 mm
Stove Depth (floor plate/top plate): 410 mm
Fire Box h/w/d: 300/280/210 mm
Flue Tube: 150 mm
Height Of Pipe at top (exc. swivel mechanism): n/a
Height Of Pipe at top (inc. revolving console & swivel mechanism): 1340 mm
Height Of Pipe at rear: 1234 mm
Distance Of Pipe At Top To Rear WalL: 204mm
Height Of Connection To Air System (100mm) – 115 mm or at bottom

Nominal Heat Output: 4.6 kW
Thermal Output Range min./max. per hour: 3-6 kW
Wood Fuel Requirement/hour: 1.4 kg
Room Heating Capacity maximum: 200 m3

Efficiency: 86%
Dust: 4 mg/Nm³
Co: 302 mg/Nm³ / 0.02 Vol%

Multiple Occupancy: yes
Triple Values: 5.1/199/0.12/0.1
EN 13240/13229: 300-ELAB-1813
Art. 15a B-VG: yes
Minergie®-modul: n/a
DIBt: n/a
BImSchV: Level 2
Flamme verte: 7 stars

Depending On Equipment: 195/233 kg
Heat Reserve Insert©: n/a

To The Rear: 50 mm
To The Side Wall: 200 mm
To The Front: 500 mm


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