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Bionic Fire STUDIO is the linear design descendant of the original Bionic Fire. It offers a persuasive combination of clear, self-aware lines as well as the full benefits of the uniquely intelligent automatic combustion control system with which the bionic fire sets new ecological standards. Bionic Fire STUDIO is made for design-aware people who would rather leave clean fires to technology.

The bionic fire comes with a swivel option that can turn 360 degrees.

External air in a passive or min-energy house situation can be either brought in through the wall or through the floor (the latter is the only option with a swivel).

Also available as the Bionic Fire - a smoother version without side benches.

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External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm: 410 x 409 x 1.384

Fire Box h/w/d: 300/280/210 mm
Flue outlet: 150 mm; no flue shield required


AS/NZ Standard 4012/4013: efficiency: 72 %; particulates: 0.7 g/kg

Ultra low emission burner (ULEB) Canterbury Method 1: 0.5 g/kg; particulates 0.5 g/kg

Heating: up to 150 m2

To side wall in mm: 250
To back wall in mm: 100

Nominal Heat Output: 4.6 kW
Thermal Output Range min./max. per hour: 3-6 kW

Fuel requirement:

Tested with softwood (New Zealand): 1 kg/hour

Tested with hardwood (Australia): 0.75 kg/hour


Bionic fire Studio: Authorisation number 166404 (AS/NZ Standard 4012/4013)

Authorisation number: 166197 (ULEB)

Resource consent number: CRC 155430

Resource consent has been issued by Environment Canterbury for the most stringent standard.

Website for authorised burners:


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