Fire and flame for cooking

With the "Fuego" bring emotions back to the kitchen! The large viewing window awakens emotions and brings cosiness, comfort and functionality into everyday life.

With the "Fuego" wood-burning stove module, Tiba is opening up completely new possibilities for kitchen construction for integrating a wood stove into a fitted kitchen. Like a commercial electric cooker, Fuego can be integrated into a kitchen with different cover designs and fits neatly and seamlessly into any kitchen.

"Fuego" is easy and safe in operation. The warm convection air of the automatic jacket cooling system is captured in the base and can be diverted to another room for heating.

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module width 550 mm
cover height 30 or 40 mm (on site)
module height 870-900 mm, height adjustable
module depth 580 mm / 600 mm
mass 110 kg
hob Black, seamless, 321 x 506 mm
colour Ceran: black
door: glass black

Firing technical values

power 4.0 kW
(3 kW cooking, 1 kW warm air)
Zugbedarf fireplace 8 Pa
cooking power In operation:
2 l of water in 11 min.
With fire:
2 l of water in 28 min

cooling system

cooling Jacket cooling system, thermostat-controlled
Safety distance laterally 0 mm, surface temperature 35 ° C, max. 75 ° C
Safety distance above 600 mm
Safety distance at the front 500 mm in the radiation area viewing window
Safety device
  • Temperature limiter (STB)
  • Solenoid (throttles supply air in case of power failure)

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