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The Jura is a powerful stove and thanks to its large combustion chamber can be used as additional heating. Due to its performance, it is also suitable for heating a tiled stove. In addition, it can accommodate multiple pans, can be optionally equipped with a gravity hot water coil and combined with all Tiba sub-elements and electric stoves.

It is as diverse as you and can be individually adapted to your needs: colors, handles, door hinges, height, depth, smoke exits or covers - everything can be adapted to the existing conditions.

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Individual equipment
Individual application
  • with filler cap, quick cook plate or glass ceramic
Dimensions in mm or dm3 Height / width / depth (installation)
height / width / depth (freestanding)
firebox cooking, height / width / depth
filling door opening width / depth
fuel length / with boiler heater
outlet spout smoke
ash container dm3
900 (850) / 400/600
900 (850) /
450/600 with visible sides 240/230/360
180 x 130
Weight in kilos 130
Cooking surface in mm Glass Ceramic, Width / Depth (Model C)
Cast, Width / Depth Rapid Cooker,
Diameter (Model S)
Fill Cap, Width / Depth (Model E)
180/320 (614E)
cooking power 2 pans

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