Slow Release Heaters

By charging a heat storage with a part of the energy released by burning wood, it is possible to heat the surrounding space at a lower temperature but over a longer period.

Our Models

T-ART eco2

T-ART eco2 skilfully combines retro and modern design elements, which allows it to seamlessly integrate into any room layout. Technology and energy efficiency are its top priorities and it will win you over with the eco2 series' finesse and the GO heating module designed for difficult chimney conditions. Eco2 means you only need to fill the stove with wood and ignite - self-closing doors, patented air supply automation, and top-down burning technology take care of the rest. And due to T-ART eco2's design, it is well-suited to meet the requirements for energy efficient construction. T-ART is also available as a basic model equipped with a manual air supply control system.


T-SKY eco2

More than ever before, the T-SKY eco2, with its elegant, gently curving sides and its continuous smooth glass front, stands for perfect design and the highest functionality. Here, modern technology provides an extraordinary fire experience. In addition to the eco2-highlights and the well-known optional duo module, T-SKY offers a slider for manual control, which supports the heating-up process in difficult draft or weather conditions.