Wood Burners

Our high-quality stoves not only impress with their great variety of design, they are also state-of-the-art, practical to use, durable and tailor-made for your personal living situation. Each Tiba cooker is unique, manufactured in the manufactory of Tiba AG in Bubendorf

Our Models


The Jura is a powerful stove and thanks to its large combustion chamber can be used as additional heating. Due to its performance, it is also suitable for heating a tiled stove. In addition, it can accommodate multiple pans, can be optionally equipped with a gravity hot water coil and combined with all Tiba sub-elements and electric stoves.

It is as diverse as you and can be individually adapted to your needs: colors, handles, door hinges, height, depth, smoke exits or covers - everything can be adapted to the existing conditions.



With the "Fuego" bring emotions back to the kitchen! The large viewing window awakens emotions and brings cosiness, comfort and functionality into everyday life.

With the "Fuego" wood-burning stove module, Tiba is opening up completely new possibilities for kitchen construction for integrating a wood stove into a fitted kitchen. Like a commercial electric cooker, Fuego can be integrated into a kitchen with different cover designs and fits neatly and seamlessly into any kitchen.

"Fuego" is easy and safe in operation. The warm convection air of the automatic jacket cooling system is captured in the base and can be diverted to another room for heating.


Alpen 806

The Tiba stove heating Alpen 806 is the most powerful on the market: 24 kW power water side, a large filling opening for 18 kg wood and 2.5 hours burning time with a filling. This is enough to fully heat up a 1000 liter storage tank, and ensures easy daily use. Thanks to the gasification technology that burns the wood down, the Alpen 806 is extremely efficient and has low dust emissions. He is as versatile as you and can be individually adapted to your needs. Color, handle, door finishes, height, depth, chimney connection or cover plate, Tiba tailors your cooker. Heating a heat wall or heat bank is also possible.