Wood Heaters

Beautiful and sleek
Bionic Fire Studio

Wood Heaters

Elegant, gently curving and a continuous smooth glass front
T-Sky-Eco 2

Gas Heaters

This one fits anywhere
Q Tee 2

Wood Heaters

Elegant and simple lines
Bionic Fire Studio

Wood Heaters

A highly effective, beautiful option for your home
Bionic Fire

Gas Heaters

Highly configurable and stylish
Viva L Gas

Kitchen Heaters

Cook, heat and be astonished

Kitchen heaters

It will snug right in. You'll be amazed.

Welcome to Envirosolve

We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art heaters, stoves and kitchen heaters.

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Our Heater Range

Technology, ecology, style and affordability. Our heaters are made to last. Choose your design and your technology: wood or gas.

Wood heaters
A fine selection of wood fired heaters. Advanced, exonomic and clean.
Gas Heaters
Clean and highly efficient. And super stylish too.

Wood burners
European state-of-the art heating solutions
Gas burners
A clean alternative

Our complete heater range

See a complete list of our heater range below.


Either for indoor or outdoor activities – our wood burnes will bring style in conjunction with the latest technology from Switzerland.

Kitchen burners
Seamlessly fitting and stylish. The JURA product range will make your jaw drop.
Ever wanted to cook outside? When we talk about cooking, there are no compromises.

Ecology & Consulting


Consulting, Electrostatic filters, Heat exchangers & Boilers

We offer a wide range of solutions for an ecologically conscious operation of any new or existing heating system. Don't hesitate to contact us - and see the ecology page for more details.

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